Sanctuary Screenprinting: Life-Changing Shirts

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Sanctuary Screenprinting: Life-Changing Shirts

This is not your run-of-the-mill screenprinting company. Sanctuary Screenprinting isn’t in business simply to make money. Rather, they’re on a mission to change the lives of each individual on their production team. As a program of the Sanctuary Art Center, they bring in homeless and street involved youth to gain experience through pre-employment training internships.

As a non-profit, all proceeds from Sanctuary Screenprinting’s sales go directly to programs for at-risk youth. Through partnerships with the YMCA of Greater Seattle and Shoreline Community College, youth receive case management and basic employment training from the staff and volunteer mentors. And yet, the youth get even more out of the experience:

"Many of the youth we serve come from situations in which they were not valued. We believe that the creative process is an excellent tool for building confidence and self-esteem in the young people we teach. When a youth is able to create a t-shirt from a basic concept to a finished product they feel a great sense of accomplishment. With each shirt made, youth gain confidence and knowledge. By purchasing shirts through Sanctuary Screenprinting you are sending a strong message to the youth that they are valuable and have something to give back to their community."

Archivalry is proud to partner with Sanctuary Screenprinting for the printing of our shirts. As our civil code declares, we aim to make a difference in our community. How better to do this than by supporting such a worthy organization and the youth that they serve? You can wear an Archivalry shirt with satisfaction, knowing that it is truly making a difference in someone’s life.

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