After years of sifting through image archives, it became clear that many of these artifacts should be reintroduced to the light of day. Archivalry's mission is to create modern delights with artifacts handpicked from archives of the past and present.

I have a habit of collecting royalty-free clip-art books... mostly as a source of imagery and inspiration for design projects. These image archives feature a plethora of unique and interesting artwork. Some are modern, but much of it is from bygone eras. In addition, resources such as University of Washington Libraries' Special Collections feature a multitude of image repositories, covering many subjects and periods.

To get things going, Archivalry created our Space Needle Blueprint T-shirt, using artwork I discovered in Special Collections' subject guide for the Century 21 Exposition: The World's Fair in Seattle, 1962. Knowing that 2012 marked the 50th Anniversary of the World's Fair and the Space Needle, I thought this was a great subject to use for the launch of Archivalry. And, besides, it's an amazing image — how could we resist sharing this with the world?

Moving forward, Archivalry will be designing and introducing new shirt designs and other merchandise. We're excited to see this project come to reality and can't wait to offer up new treasures from the archives.


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